Ett stort TACK till alla, som skänk mig sina vackra Awards
A big THANK YOU to all, who sent me your beautiful Awards

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Friendly Awards

031127/Your site is very beautiful and the graphics are awesome. I had a lovely visit for a while.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home on the net.

031130/I have visited your site and you have done a great job.  The hard work and dedication you have put forth is very evident.  Your site is beautifully designed and easily navigated.  I am very pleased to present you with my "Beautiful Site Award," "Circe's Gold Award of Excellence" and my special award "Circe's Crown Award."  The Crown award is not one for which you can apply, but you site is most deserving. /Circe

031128/Du har en af de smukkeste hjemmesider jeg har set. Det var en sand fornøjelse at besøge din side.
Jeg kan slet ikke beskrive det med ord. Grafikken er utrolig flot, også de ting du selv har lavet.
Venlig hilsen Joan ( Danmark)

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