På denna sida finner du web sets baserade på Rusty Rusts målningar, som han vänligen låter mig använda.
Du MÅSTE länka tillbaka till konstnären.

On this page you will find Web sets, which are based on paintings by Rusty Rust with his kind permission.
You MUST provide a link back to the artist.

Rusty Rust

D.L. "Rusty" Rust was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1932. He began drawing and painting at a very early age and has never had the desire to be anything but a serious artist. His early work was directly influenced by his grandfather, Emil Rust, Gil Elvgren, Bob Toombs, and Norman Rockwell. However, he feels there has been no one single influence in his wildlife art and insists that all wildlife artists have affected his style....
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By Rusty Rust

Vissa set består av två sidor. Målningen är på första sidan.
"Enter" Kommer att ta dig till andra sidan med knappar, delare, etc.

Some sets consists of two pages. The painting is on the first.
"Enter" will take you to the second with the buttons, the divider, etc.

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