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The worst day of my life.

In the middle of the night our food was removed. I didn't think much of it. We usually have free access to food, but sometimes, if our bowl is empty, it might take some hours before it is filled up again.

The morning started as any normal morning. Mum got up, made her tea and played a solitaire at her computer. But we didn't get any breakfast.

Then she went into the basement and brought up some transport boxes. The females started to look suspicious and moved away. I wondered why but was much more interested in examining the boxes. You see, I have to examine every new item in the house. 

Enya was grabbed first and put in one of the boxes. I came next. What's going on? I didn't like this and tried to regain my freedom. 

When all five of us was boxed in, we were lifted outdoors. It was freezing cold. Then we were brought into the car and mum started to drive. By then I was upset and told her so in a load voice all the way.

The car got a bit warmer after a while, but then suddenly we were in the cold again and then in a strange house. My box was lifted up on a bench. Mum opened it and told me to come out. NOWAY! She grabbed me gently and started to pull. A strange mans hand with an awful funny smell struck something in my neck. I started to feel drowsy and then I don't know what happened.

When I woke up I was home again still feeling drowsy, VERY drowsy. And the box was still closed. Mum heard me and opened it. I COULDN'T WALK! What had they done to me? I was put in a larger cage with water and a litter tray. I mixed the water with the litter and rolled around in it. It wasn't my intention, I just couldn't help myself. Finally I managed to break out.

Mum looked worried at me mumbling something about I mustn't fall and break a leg. But she took the risk of letting me run free. Well.. not that I could run. I crawled upstairs and went to sleep.

When I woke up my walking hade improved, but I still was not ok. And my bottom hurt like h.... Did they remove something from there?

I ate some, which I didn't keep long. I felt really sick. And my coat was dirty and filled with clogs of litter especially on my feet. Mum tried to wash me. Was she going nuts? I HATE water! And she refused to hold me in her arms. She said I was disgusting. Who's fault was that?? 

It's late evening now. I haven't eaten any more and I feel pretty miserable. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.



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