GIC Windymeadow Pepe Reina, BRI b 33

Born: 15th of May 2008 died 22th of February 2019

090914/Pepe has had his first HCM scan
Everything looked normal and good said Torkel Falk
120116/Pepe has his second HCM scan with the same results
and the third 151115 same good result

N/b Cat is a carrier of B factor; serotype could be Type A or Type "AB"

N/N - Normal - Does not possess the disease-causing PKD1 gene

Pepe är DNA-testad negative för PRA

BIV totalt Brittringen 2011

Pepe is now neutered and cannot make more babies

In Gothenburg in 4 December Pepe is now Grand International Champion!!!


Windymeadow Pepe Reina, BRI b 33, Photo: Eva Bergendahl

Windymeadow Pepe Reina, BRI b 33, Photo: Eva Bergendahl

Drammen sep 2013


Alingsås 2013, väldigt runt fint huvud


Alingsås 2013, liiiite färgjusterad, men bara denna bilden :)
Foto: Birgitta Hillvärn


Alingsås 2013. Foto: Birgitta Hillvärn

  Show results, FIFe/England 

Date Club Place Judge Results
24 May 2015 Spinneriet Göteborg Glen Sjöbom CACS
23 May 2015 Spinneriet Göteborg Jörgen Billing CACS
15 Feb 2015 GRK Göteborg Stéphanie Serraï CACS, 1:a avel
06 Dec 2014 ÄK Göteborg Helene Lis-Glader Ex 1
29 Sep 2013 VK Göteborg Anne Veland CACS
28 Sep 2013 VK Göteborg Eric Reijers CACS
26 May 2013 Spinneriet Göteborg Stéphanie Serrai CACS
12 May 2013 ELK Alingsås Mira Fonzen CACS
11 May 2013 ELK Alingsås Janis Christenson CACS
13 May 2012 Spinneriet Göteborg Francoice Milcent-Dubois CACS
12 May 2012 Spinneriet Göteborg Eiwor Andersson CACS
12 Feb 2012 GRK Göteborg Lone Lund CACS 5:a vuxen Kat III
4 Dec 2011 ÄK Göteborg Barbo Helmer Grand Int Champ
1:a avel
3 Dec 2011 ÄK Göteborg Helene Lis-Glader CAGCIB, BIV, 2:a avel
13 Feb 2011 GRK Mölndal Helene Lis-Glader CAGCIB
11 Sep Östfold Moss/SWS Marteinn Tausend CAGCIB
1 Aug 2010 RHK Varberg Vendel Stoop CAGCIB, NOM
31 July 2010 RHK Varberg Rolf Voerhringer CAGCIB, NOM
13 June 2010 ELF Ulricehamn Yan Roca.Folch


12 June 2010 ELF Ulricehamn Lena Chapman


22 Mai 2010 Smalene kattklubb Ski Minna Krogh


8 Mai 2010 Dackekatten Gislaved Jaana Jyrkinen CACIB domarens favorit
11 April 2010 Sydk Malmö Ad de Bruijn


10 April 2010 Sydk Malmö Jaana Jyrkinen

CAC Champion

Sunday 13th December 2009 ÄK Gothenburg Marianne Roth


Cobby, Massiv on sturdy legs, could be shorter in muszzle, ok profile + chin, open rounded eyes, ears set ok, fine size, fur ex in quality + lenth, rather dark points + body color, tail ex, thick, fine condition, calm young male

Saturday 12th December 2009 ÄK Gothenburg Marie Westerlund


Ex cobby herre, Ex bröstkorg och nacke, Ex rund skalle, Ex profil, ngt låg panna, Ex form på ögonen, vacker färg, Ex små öron, Ex kort päls, fyllig, ngt mörk choklad, Ex svans, Ex kondition, Cool hane



WINDYMEADOW PEPE REINA. 40.3. M. 15.5.08. It was hard to believe that this lad is not quite a year old! He is well grown and shows good British type. Round head of good breadth and depth; neat ears fitting well into head shape; cheeks well rounded to muzzle line; level bite, short broad nose, firm chin; round eyes of a fine blue shade. Cobby shaped body of good weight and muscular tone; broad chest; well boned legs, with neat paws; balanced tail. A lovely coat short dense, and firm; points of a rich chocolate shade on ears; mask developing well from the centre to his cheeks; legs and tail a paler shade of chocolate; ivory body colour with some slight shading matching points on his hind quarters. A pleasure to handle and shown in good condition.

Saturday 7th March 2009 Southern British Shorthair Cat Club Show The Addleston Community Association, Garfield Road, Addleston, Surrey. KT15 2NJ Mrs S Newman 1  CC  HOLLOWAY’S WINDYMEADOW PEPE REINA (40 3) 15.05.08  Chocolate Pointed.   Very big boy for nine-and-a-half  months.   Round head with medium ears set well apart.   Short, broad, straight nose.   Level bite, firm chin, rounded muzzle.   Cheeks already very full.   Round, wide-open, light blue eyes, darker at the centre.   Heavy, muscular body with short, thick legs, round paws and good tail for length and shape.  Coat crisp, very dense and quite short.   Well matched points of rich chocolate providing very good contrast with the ivory body colour.   There is just a little tonal shading on the flanks.
Saturday 22nd November 2008     A WELSH 2nd
Saturday 1st November 2008 Colourpointed British Shorthair Cat Club Show Mappleborough Green Village Hall, Birmingham Road, Studley, Warks. B80 7BT Mrs Matthias 1st

Med sin bästa vän Europa Champion i WCF och Supreme i Fife Uriel BellArden

De måste erövra CACE vid 8 internationella WCF-utställningar i 2 olika länder
varav minst 2 i utlandet av 3 olika domare.

  Show results, WCF 

Date Club Place Judge Results
27th Oct 2013 WCF/FHK Varberg John Peters CACE
26th Oct 2013 WCF/FHK Varberg Inga Balčiūniene CACE
15th Sep 2013 WCF/ORKK Drammen Dagny Dickens CACE
14th Sep 2013 WCF/ORKK Drammen Geneviève
30th June 2013 WCF/FHK Båstad Jane Vermeulen CACE, BIG
29th June 2013 WCF/FHK Båstad Tanya Milligan CACE, BIG, NOM

OBS!! Negativ Corona!!

Pepe's children

Note. The eyecolor on these pictures have NOT been manipulated!