Pirot Eliza is a fluffy cat, very typy and soooo beautiful.
Her breed number is BRI 12 ns.

Unfortunately she had to be neutered at her first delivery and she is to shy to be shown.

At the bottom of this page is her golden sister Pirot Enya, BRI 12 ny, and their mother, Pirot Caprifol, BRI 12 ns with Eliza




Film på Eliza 12 år

Sista filmen

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Foto: Ingrid Wahlborn

11 år gammal/11 years old


Eliza är 12 år nu/Eliza is now 12 years old.
Foto: Helen Wieslander

Foto: Linda Petersson 060924


I början av november 2007 fick Eliza en stor abscess pga. av en tand. Hon opererades  men delvis pga. kraftig njursvikt, så hämtade hon sig inte. Idag tog jag beslutet att avbryta hennes svåra lidande.

At the start of November 2007 Eliza had a large abscess due to bad teeth. She was operated on but partly due to severe kidney failure, she did not recover. Today I took the decision to end her hard suffering.

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