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A big THANK YOU to all, who sent me your beautiful Awards

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031202/I have been viewing your sites all afternoon and I am totally impressed with your artistic skills. You have that ability to continue to make your webpages very attractive with simple beauty. I see so many webpages on which the webmasters seem to think that every open space needs some image or some text. You, however, know that sometimes blank spaces, appropriately speak louder than superflous images. This makes your pages very attractive and easy to browse. I just cannot say enough about your artistic abilities. And, I think you have done a marvellous job using the gold images. I am proud that my gold work is part of such quality work./John Mason

Friendly Awards

031228/Congratulations ! : ))) You have done a fantastic job on your site and we enjoyed our visit very much : ))) We proudly award you with our "Gold Nugget Award for web design" !!!! Keep up the great work : ))
Tom and April, Stationery Heaven

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