Malmö 10 april 2010. Pepe is Champion

Windymeadow Pepe Reina, BRI b 33

Pepe's first snow?
Press for movie.
(Please be patient)

GRK 2012. Fantastisk profil Foto: Lizza


Pepe is choosing toys and meeting his new friends.
Films are much darker than reality.

These films are long - please be patient

Windymeadow Pepe Reina, BRI b 33

Born: 15th of May 2008

090914/Pepe has had his first HCM scan
Everything looked normal and good said Torkel Falk

N/b Cat is a carrier of B factor; serotype could be Type A or Type "AB"

N/N - Normal - Does not possess the disease-causing PKD1 gene


New Years greetings with Jacquie Lawson from Pepe's breeder, Karen